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Money Max Financial Plan


The product has been designed to meet changing consumer trends from the traditional Life Policies to investment driven products. We have observed the changing trends and felt the need to address our clients’ demands while at the same time remaining actively competitive with other market players thus the reason for developing the Money Max Financial Plan.

It is an investment driven product that is intended to generate high returns to the Policyholders by prudent investment of their contributions by the selected Fund Manager; hence this forms the main component of the policy.

There is provision for Life Cover and funeral cash benefits along side the Investment component and Total and Permanent Disability for those investors who would wish to take the benefit.


  • There is a clear separation between the investment portion of the contributions and the Life Cover premiums
  • It has flexibility considering that a client can vary his contributions depending on the need.
  • Investments are linked to certain economic parameters e.g. rate of return on investments, inflation or growth in the economy.
  • The policy has an escalator of (5%, 7.5% or 10%) which is applicable to investment premium. This benefit is optional.
  • The policy can be taken as a joint investment


1. The Sum Assured payable under Life cover on death and Permanent Disability is as shown here under:

  Duration of policy in force - Within  % of the sum assured payable
1 Yr: 20%:
2 Yrs:
3 Yrs:
4 Yrs:
after 4 years100%

2. Fund Value: After three years’ premiums have been paid, the policy will acquire a commutable fund value, which will be equal to the amount in the investment account.

3. Cash Pay Outs: The policy will offer cash pay outs during the term of the policy. The cash pay outs are paid within the last years of the policy term at a rate of 20% of Fund Value for 4 years and 100% at maturity.

4. Termination of Fund Value: The following percentages of the fund value will be payable upon cancellation of the policy.

Before 3rd year Anniversary - No refund
After 3rd but before 4th year Anniversary - 70% of fund value
After 4th but before 5th year Anniversary - 85% of fund value
After 5th year Anniversary - 100% of fund value

5. Beneficiary: The Investor/Joint investors will be required to provide the names of nominees on the space provided on the proposal form but if he/she wishes to change the named nominees he/she will be required to complete a nomination form.

6. Maturity Claims: On maturity date the Investor/Applicant has the following options:

  • To receive the Fund Value and Sum Assured under the Endowment benefit rider.
  • The Investor can opt to reinvest the Fund on maturity date by advising the Company in writing. The Company may at its own discretion and without giving any reasons, reject such a request and pay the Investor as above.
  • During the Reinvestment period all administrative charges will be waived and the fund continue to earn gain at the prevailing rate of return.

7. Surrender Value: The endowment part of the policy will acquire surrender value after 3 years’ premiums have been fully paid.


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How do I get Started

  • One has to complete a proposal form.
  • Remittance of premium either Monthly, Quarterly, semi- annual or annually
  • Complete salary stop order/standing order or Direct Debit for payment of subsequent premiums in case of check-off/ payment through the bank.
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