Do I Need Travel insurance?

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The Easter holidays are almost here and nothing gets us more excited than the thought of a few days all to ourselves. That holiday trip to sandy beaches on a foreign country that you have been saving for can now finally happen.

But as we all know, things can and do go wrong with a holiday, sometimes before you even start your holiday. Think about it.

Most of us have never bought travel insurance in our lives because our instincts have always told us it’s a bad deal; almost a complete waste of money.

Not anymore. Whether it’s your trip, your possessions, your luggage, or your health, travel insurance — and most important, the right kind of travel insurance — has become an essential item to pack for smart travelers. And if you don’t buy travel insurance — or the right kind — more than your trip could be ruined.

Generally, travel insurance is sold in packages, combining various categories of coverage. Go through them all, determining what you need and what you don’t, either because you’re not at risk or you’re already covered. Here is the break down.

Medical cover

This is perhaps the most confusing area. Most people think they are covered if they already have existing health care insurance. If you’re regular health insurance doesn’t cover you while abroad, you need some when you travel.

There’s another reason for getting this coverage: If you’re in a foreign country, particularly a developing country, many hospitals will admit you without caring about coverage, but they won’t let you leave until you pay. Travel insurance can help facilitate payment, and act as an advocate so that you’re not overcharged because you’re a foreigner.

Emergency evacuation

This one is pretty simple. If you have to be evacuated home from a distant land, it will put you out by almost ksh.250, 000.

It all boils down to how likely you might need evacuation. Headed to a particularly isolated region? Climbing mountains or fording rivers? Then having evacuation coverage as part of a package is a good idea.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption insurance

This kind of insurance offers reimbursement for prepaid reservations if your trip is canceled, interrupted or delayed. Especially for those with expensive seats and long prepaid reservations, it might make sense getting this cover.

Baggage insurance

Just imagine your bags are lost and your medication is in it and you need to have an emergency prescription filled; or your passport and wallet are stolen, and you need emergency cash and a replacement passport.

Many trip cancellation and interruption policies also provide coverage for lost, damaged, delayed or stolen bags…And this is especially necessary if you’re flying overseas and checking bags.

To buy, or not to buy?

Bottom line, Travel Insurance is not only for worriers looking for peace of mind in order to enjoy their holiday.

Smart and seasoned travelers know that travel insurance is an important item to take with them at all times. Insurance is a necessity these days, whether it is for the trip itself, your possessions, your luggage, or your health.

Whether you believe in insurance or not, you are going to want a bit of protection from the unexpected during your trip. The best you can do is to compare the cost of your trip to the cost of the policy. At the end of the day, what you want to protect or cover will determine whether you should buy travel insurance or not.

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  1. Yulielsava

    Yes. It’s always good to call and ask from the vacation to find out what you need to do. I was delayed once (because our plane hit a bird and smashed the windshield of the plane), so I called the travel insurance company from the airport to get the details of what I would do and what I would need. The answer was that it needed to be more than a 4 hour delay which it turned out not to be so I didn’t waste time with any claim. The take away lesson is bring the papers with you and call to ask.


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