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car-insuranceYou finally have saved enough to buy your first car. As you walk in to the car bazaar and see your dreams coming true you start to think of all the places you will drive to, taking your friends out on a ride and how all eyes will be on you when you roll up your windows and get out of your brand new car at your next high school reunion.

But as you think of all that cool stuff, do you think of which car insurance you should get? Well you should.

Car insurance is a legal necessity but for the newbie it may be hard to understand which level of protection is best for you and most importantly keep the costs down.

Car Insurance Covers

There are usually three main levels of car insurance to choose from. According to the Kenyan law a driver must at least have third party insurance but you may wish to have greater protection.

  1. Third Party Insurance

With Third Party Insurance, if you were to cause an accident, your insurance company would cover the cost of any damage to the property of others, and any injury caused to others. It would not cover the cost of injury to you or damage to your own car.

  1. Third Party Fire and Theft

With this type of cover it provides the same level of cover as a third party cover but would also cover your own car if it were stolen or damaged in a fire.

  1. Comprehensive Cover

With the comprehensive cover, in addition to the third party cover, the cover would cover the cost of any damage to your own car and injury to yourself, even if the accident was caused by you.

Remember, any damage caused by another driver to you or your car will be covered by their insurance. In this case it doesn’t matter which level of cover you have. The type of cover you get will depend upon your circumstances, your attitude towards risk and the value of the car you are driving.

With Madison insurance, we have different policies designed to give you peace of mind as you drive. Our covers depend on two things: The type of motor vehicle you are insuring and the number of risks you would like to insure it from.

Here is more on our Motor vehicle insurance covers. Click here for more information:



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