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blog-imageInternational trips are such a great experience if you have a passion for traveling. One of my favorite travel memories range from rowing along the River Nile in Uganda to taking in scenic places in Dubai. I have also been on a number of business trips where the only sites I saw were from the hotel room window, because all my time was taken up by seminars or meetings. From my travel experience over the past 5 years, here are five major traveling tips that I can give you:

  1. Having enough cash on hand.From my experience, it is best to exchange most of the cash you will need before leaving the country for your trip. Withdrawing cash when your ATM card is roaming can be very expensive because the banks increase their withdrawal fees. If you don’t want to travel with a lot of cash (of course there is the risk of loss), once you land at the airport, withdraw the amount of cash you will need at once to avoid making other ATM trips. A one-time withdrawal is cheaper than multiple ones. Of course ensure that you withdraw just enough for your budget so you don’t have a lot of cash left over in another currency when your trip ends. You can lose some cash when you exchange it back to your local currency because of different exchange rates.
  2. Hotel business cards.These are very important. I learnt the hard way that they are life savers because I am poor at directions! I am that person that will get lost even with a map in front of me. Unfortunate, I know, because I really enjoy traveling. So how are business cards life savers? Because they always have the name and address of the hotel. When/ if I get lost, I could call the hotel or take a cab to the address that’s written on the card.
  3. Fraud alerts.Before leaving for your trip, ensure that you have alerted your banker of your travel. This is because they could cancel your card because of a different geographical location out of your norm. A cancellation of your card when you’re outside your country can leave you stranded, e.g. with hotel bills
  4. Unwanted local currency.It is highly likely that you will lose a lot of money when you exchange the foreign money back to your local currency. Therefore, ensure that you spend it all before returning home. How? For example, instead of using your credit card to pay hotel bills or buy items, use all the cash you have first.
  5. Travel insurance. This is one of the most important requirements for traveling internationally. There are many circumstances that can arise when you’re traveling that pose financial risk. A travel insurance policy provides coverage to minimize the considerable financial risk of travelling- trip cancellation, travel interruptions and delays, emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation cost, lost or damaged baggage.

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