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LikeIt’s been a great year for Madison Insurance Company. We have been recognized by the Think Business Awards and Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) for our unrelenting efforts to give our insurance customers the best services possible. These are the awards we received this year: Madison Insurance Crowned Best in General Insurance Cluster The Insurance Regulatory […]

Life Insurance: Who Needs It?

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LikeIf you have dependents or beneficiaries that will suffer financially when you can no longer provide for them, then you need life insurance, because it will cater for your family’s financial needs even after you can’t. These scenarios will paint a clear picture of when life insurance could come in handy: When You’re Single When […]

Stay Safe When Using Open Fire to Keep Warm

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LikeFinally, the predicted rains are upon us. We figure that most of us, if not everyone, will be trying to keep warm through any means possible. While some of us will snuggle up to keep warm, let’s not forget that others will be using open fire or electrical heaters in the house to keep warm […]

Travel Easier as You Take that International Trip

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LikeInternational trips are such a great experience if you have a passion for traveling. One of my favorite travel memories range from rowing along the River Nile in Uganda to taking in scenic places in Dubai. I have also been on a number of business trips where the only sites I saw were from the […]


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Like Thinking of death or preparing for the worst case scenarios of life can seem depressing or even a taboo in many cultures. But as the saying goes “Better safe than sorry.”


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Like“Happy days are here at last. The days of 9 to 5 are in the past. I’ve worked all my life and paid my dues. Now I will just do what I choose.” This is something we all long to say.


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Like How much do you know about investments? For many people investments are things they think they will do in the future and have a lot of time to learn about. But as Warren Buffet says “someone is sitting in the shade today because they planted a tree a long time ago.”


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LikeWhen you are thinking about getting a health insurance policy you may be taken aback by all the technical terms. This may sway your decision on taking up the policy as you may not be willing to buy in on what you don’t understand.