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LikeWhen you are thinking about getting a health insurance policy you may be taken aback by all the technical terms. This may sway your decision on taking up the policy as you may not be willing to buy in on what you don’t understand.


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Like The path to good health isn’t the same for everyone and yours may change over time. To travel down your personal path, take small steps that are right for you, one at a time. Every step adds up, so you’ll reach your health goals before you know it. Healthy living is not only possible […]


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Like A few weeks ago I read a story about a young girl who was battling cancer. Cancer is known to be a dangerous disease since most of its victims barely survive. The girl had gone to local hospitals to seek medical attention but she was told that her case was out of hand and […]

Breast cancer awareness month: Get yourself screened

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Like“Your mammogram is suspicious for breast cancer”, “We found a small lump on your breasts” These are some of the most feared words among women regardless of age, status or country. For many these words conjure an image of surgery, death, loss of body image and sexuality. According to the Kenya cancer registry, cancer is […]

A Life Cover is, Your Life

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Like Like many people these days, Robert is looking for ways to trim the family budget.  He is buying second hand clothes, he is shopping at the open market and even stopped eating out. But unlike most people, he is saving so as to pay for his wife’s funeral, pay education for his two children […]

Why A Health Cover should be a Priority

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Like Recently, I came across a story about a woman, Mary Atieno, who for years walked through the Mathare slums helping women deliver. Atieno, 38 and a trained birth attendant provided her services for free. But her resolve was broken in 2006 when she had to turn away her patients due to lack of support […]