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Stay Safe When Using Open Fire to Keep Warm

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LikeFinally, the predicted rains are upon us. We figure that most of us, if not everyone, will be trying to keep warm through any means possible. While some of us will snuggle up to keep warm, let’s not forget that others will be using open fire or electrical heaters in the house to keep warm […]

Fire Prevention Tips from the Pros

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Like October is the fire prevention month. And as much as fire drills are conducted at our places of work, the same cannot be said about our homes. Very few households in Kenya can confidently say their homes are equipped to handle a fire break out. They neither have the equipment like smoke detectors or […]

4 things you may not know about home insurance

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Like Burglary, fire, identity theft: those are things that happen to other people, right? Sure, until they happen to you. Most people assume that things stolen from their car is covered by their car insurance. Well, until they are kindly informed that they would need to contact a home insurance company to cover those expenses. […]