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At Madison Insurance we are of the conviction that 'corporate social responsibility' is an essential element of our business. Corporate responsibility is central to the way we run our business. The company endeavors to make a positive contribution to society by developing products that meet consumer needs, creating and sharing wealth, investing in the local economy, developing people's skills and remaining actively aware of the impact of our business in the environment and community around us.

We strive to give back to the community as it is the community that helps us perpetuate our business objectives. Our focus and approach to corporate social responsibility is holistic and therein lies our motto 'Stronger Together" for without the support and collaboration of the communities and our stakeholders, we cannot achieve our bold objectives.



We are committed to managing our social and environmental impact to society in a responsible manner. As such, we seek to partner with other stakeholders, to address social and environmental challenges and in so doing, contribute to sustainable development.
 Past and present contributions made to the community include:
  • Over the years, the company has annually donated generously to projects like the Freedom from Hunger Campaign, Dettol Heart Run, The Diabetes Walk, Cerebral Palsy Walk, and the Standard Chartered Marathon.
  • Madison Insurance Annually sponsors various Golf Tournaments: Muthaiga Golf Club- Madison Golf Day, Karen Country Club- Monthly Mug, and the Vet Lab Sports Club – Madison Golf Day. Other tournaments sponsored are:  Kitale Club – Madison Golf Day, Kiambu Club- Craig Bowel Golf Tournament; Kenya Ladies Golf Union 2011, Karen Country Club- The 18th Charity Golf Day and the Beatification of the  Servant of God Morris Cardinal Otunga
  • The month of June 2009, The Administration Police’s camp suffered a fire mishap that razed down their houses. Madison Insurance, as their neighbor felt it was necessary to pay a visit and offer a helping hand.
  • In 2010 we visited and donated to the Cheshire home was officially opened in 1996 in Kariobangi North. It was established and is administered by the Catholic Church. The home cares for 34 resident elderly people who are destitute and sickly, some of whom are suffering from leprosy.  Another80-95 visit on a daily basis from the neighboring slums. We visited them served them food and we ate together while chatting. We later handed over our donation that comprised of a branded 4000ltr water tank, soap, flour, cooking gas, sugar, beans, cooking fat and clothing among other items. We took photos with our newly found friends and then bid them good bye. We could see from their faces that Madison Insurance had touched their hearts.
  • Together with Nairobi city council, on 6th December 2010, the team held a cleanup exercise along Upper Hill Close. The road was swept clean through the guidance the very well able city council team. The trench which had been blocked for many year sighed relief when it was finally cleared up. The grass was neatly cut and the bushes were cleared, and the street was clean again.
  • In 2011, towards the Kenya for Kenya initiative the company sponsored towards the Kenya Red Cross Kshs. 200,000/- as corporate support
  • In progress this year is the Upper hill close Branding and Beautification, the responsibility is to take care of the Upper Hill Close where our Head office is located This being another step towards fulfilling the organizations vision and mission, we can only hope that the corporate social responsibility activities will continue to be integrated with the company’s core business strategies without neglecting the purpose of our business, for the greatest business contribution
Our contributions to society will continue to expand as this is enshrined in our corporate motto - "Stronger Together".