Madison Balanced Fund: NAV Price: 44.68 Purchase Price: 44.68 | Madison Equity Fund: NAV Price: 35.53 Purchase Price: 35.53 | Madison Money Market Fund: Daily Yield: 9.19% Effective Annual Yield: 9.63%

The Fund is an excellent investment option that offers you the opportunity to earn competitive return as you save to meet your various financial needs. The Madison Money Market Fund invests in short term debt securities with maturities of less than 12 months. These include; Treasury bills, high quality corporate debt, fixed and call deposits.

It’s ideal for investors with:

  • Need for capital preservation.
  • Short term investment horizon E.g. Save for school fees, private projects, Business capital.
  • Need to set aside emergency fund.
  • High liquidity needs, that is, need easy and fast access to the funds invested
  • Cash flow management requirements
  • No entry or exit fee.
  • High liquidity i.e withdrawal with 2-3 working days
  • Competitive yields (currently at 9.62%* P.A). *this depicts the average yearly yield.
  • Monthly compounding of interest.
  • Flexible investment option
  • Initial investment amount of minimum Kes 5,000, No maximum limit. We also have an indicative return of 9.62% annually.
  • You can top up your investment with as little as Kes. 1,000 whenever you have additional cash to save.
  • We provide free monthly statements by the 4th day of every month.
  • System automation – all activities on your account are monitored and you receive a notification on all transactions.
  • Withdrawals are processed at T+2 working days allowing you to save and withdraw whenever you need your funds.
  • You don’t have to invest monthly or at a specified time but you invest based on your saving plans, objectives and availability of the funds.
  • You have unlimited access to your money without losing your investment and interest gains.
  • The interest is quoted net of management fee and published daily in the newspapers allowing ease of monitoring performance.
  • The funds are held in a Custodial account and the activities of this fund are overseen by Corporate Trustee.

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