This product is targeted to individuals who would wish to set up their personal pension plans.
The product is regulated by the RBA. The product offers an excellent avenue for individuals to:

  • Consolidate their different pension funds as the change employment;
  • Set up their own pension plans in cases where the employer does not have any. The employee continues to enjoy the tax benefit for their contribution to the fund;
  •  Set up a pension fund in addition to that set up by the employer. The individual will enjoy tax benefits on the individual pension plan as long as they have not utilized their maximum deductible amounts in their primary pension plan with the employer.


  1. All in one package: In an individual pension plan, the individual will participate in an all in one package that includes a registered pension fund that has a Trustee, a Custodian, an administrator and a Fund Manager. It is like an off the shelf product that is already registered with Retirement Benefits Scheme and Kenya Revenue Authority.
  2. Registered and Regulated by Retirement benefit Authority: Investment safety is ensured because the individual pension plan is registered by Retirement Benefit authority and strictly regulated in accordance with retirement benefits regulation in Kenya.
  3. Suitable for Self Employed/Employed in Informal sector: The self employed and those in the informal sector can participate in this fund without undergoing the hassle of registering their own retirement Benefit Schemes.


  • Enables one to save funds towards one’s retirement ensuring a decent standard of living.
  •  Contributions up to Kshs.20,000 are tax deductible; one can contribute up to 30% of their income to registered pension scheme.
  •   Investment income of the scheme is exempted from corporation tax.
  • The retirement benefit scheme can now facilitate members to assign up to 60% of their accrued benefits as additional security for mortgages from approved Institutions.
  • Upon death of a member of a registered scheme, the dependants qualify as a group for tax-exemption.
  •  The schemes will be run under the RBA act which gives security of the fund and also continuous benefits which the Government may give to schemes from time to time.
  •  Single lump sum contribution is allowed.
  • Transfers from other registered schemes are allowed, note that such transfers are tax-exempt.