Madison Investment Managers offers the following products for the high net worth individuals:

Private Wealth Share Management Services

  • This product is targeted to members who already have invested in shares at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE)
  • It takes away the day to day burden of monitoring investment from the member to Madison Investment Managers who will know, through continuous market research, the right time to sell and buy other shares.
  • You will receive regular updates on share performance and a monthly statement.
  • The shares remain in your name and your custody account remains safe in your name.
  • Day to day monitoring of your shares.
  • When buying, we will only pay for shares after they are credited to your CDS account and during sale, we will only deliver shares after receipt of money in your CDS account.
  • We free you from the worries of how shares are performing.
  • We endeavor to give you a competitive return by buying at low prices and selling¬†¬† them at high prices

Portfolio Management

  • This product is target towards clients who wish to invest in both cash management services and share management services.
  • We offer competitive rates that are set and agreed upon.
  • The company charges a fee only when it makes money for you.
  • You will receive monthly updates on how your investment is performing.

Why invest in Madison Investment Managers individual products

  • Your funds are held safely in a custody account and activities of the fund are overseen by a trustee.
  • Your investment are professionally managed ensuring growth.
  • We offer competitive returns on your investment.
  • We are flexible and we will tailor make products to suit your specific needs.
  • Regular updates and consultations with the clients.