Madison Money Market Fund

Madison money market fund

Madison Money Market Fund is an excellent avenue for investment that offers you the opportunity to earn a competitive return as you save to meet your various financial needs. It is for individuals seeking to build up their savings or for those who want to keep their funds for a  short period of time.

The fund objective is to ensure that there is capital preservation and competitive returns to beat inflation whilst ensuring sufficient liquidity of withdrawal on short notice. The fund invests in short term debt securities that do not exceed 12 months. These include Treasury bills & bonds and also corporate financial instruments such as bank deposits and commercial papers.


  • No Entry or Exit Fee
  • High Liquidity – 2 working days notice
  • Competitive Yields (Currently at 9.58% P.A) * this depicts the average yearly yield.
  • Decent yields in a conservative risk enviroment.
  • Monthly compounding of interest
  • Madison Money Market is not term-based and does not attract penalties on withdrawals

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