IT Healthcare Application Administrator


Job Description

We are looking for an IT Healthcare Application Administrator to maintain a reliable, secure and efficient healthcare application. The ideal candidate will be able to deploy, configure, maintain and monitor all components of the healthcare application.

Reporting Line

The IT Healthcare Application Administrator will report directly to the Group ICT Manager.


  • Install the Healthcare application.  This task might include making sure the application server has all the needed support software on it. 
  • Tune the application to ensure that the response time users experience is optimized. 
  • Upgrade the application when the vendor releases upgrades, patches or new versions of the software.  Vendors tend to release major upgrades once or twice a year, but patches can come out as often as monthly.  Each new release needs to be evaluated and if it’s being installed then it must be tested.
  • Troubleshoot problems that users encounter.  Many of these problems turn out to be user error, but a significant percentage of them need to be addressed by the vendor.  This requires that the Application Administrator contacts the vendor’s Support team and work with them to investigate and resolve the problem.
  • Ensuring that the application’s software and data is backed up on a regular basis.  The frequency that backups are made depend on how dynamic the software and data are.  This task also needs to include verifying that backup files can be used to successfully restore the application if necessary.  Test restoring from the backup files to check if the backup data is valid and complete.
  • Projecting future capacity and usage levels of the application so the appropriate hardware is acquired and installed in a timely manner.  If additional users utilize the application or new features are added to it then the hardware original procured and installed may no longer provide the response time users have come to expect.
  • Interact with other IT professionals in the organization that impact the application’s hardware and software.  These are the DBAs (Database Administrators) who support the databases and database servers, Server Administrators who support software like the Windows Server and Linux, Network Administrators who ensure that the network is functioning, and Security Administrators who work to ensure that all hardware, software and networks are secure. 
  • Designing, building, testing and maintaining a DR (Disaster Recover) version of the application.  If a disaster occurs and impacts the primary data center, then the application can continue to run at the DR sites, so users can continue to perform their jobs
  • Ensure the confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the data generated by the healthcare application.
  • Maintain the data flows and the interfaces to the other applications namely Human Resource and Financial Management systems.
  • Strong ability to gather requirements and complete projects on time scope and on budget.

Skills and Experience

  • Expertise in current computer hardware and software
  • Ability to use one or more development language including Java, C++, Smalltalk, Visual Basic, Oracle, Linux and .NET and PHP.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Eye for detail and identifying problems
  • An understanding of business processes
  • Analytical and commercial experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in IT, Computer Science or related field.
  • 3 years’ experience in a similar role


Candidates with the required qualifications, experience and competencies who wish to apply for the position are required to forward their applications with their CVs, copies of relevant certificates and details of current remuneration to the Human Resources Manager at not later than 9th November, 2018.