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2.0 Privacy Policy


2.1 How does Madison Group Limited [“Madison Group”] treat data collected from your visit on Madison Group Digital Assets?

Our core business is insurance and wealth management in Kenya. The information providers [who are public/policy holders/customer of Madison Group and referred to as “Information Provider”] or his/her family members’ Personal information [hereinafter referred to as “Information Provider’s Personal Information”] are confidential matters and Madison Group recognizes the same. Madison Group is committed to keep the information/Information Provider’s Personal Information confidential and secure and the Information Provider is protected, not only by the applicable privacy laws, but, more importantly, by Madison Group’s commitment to safeguard privacy of Personal information.

2.2 Notice

The Information Providers can surf all Madison Group Digital Assets [which are available to public] anonymously either for the purposes of online purchase/renewal of Insurance Products of Madison Group and or for his/her information/knowledge or to avail any additional services of any other service providers for which Madison Group provide the facilitation service as free service without any recourse or responsibility on Madison Group for such service provider and Services of such service provider.

2.2.1 When the Information Providers surfs Madison Group Digital Assets

  1. for the purpose of his/her information as to various blogs/inputs/observations which are general in nature and may pertain to the additional facilitation services which Madison Group may provide to public at large/policy holders to inform them of the information as to other service providers and their services viz: Investment, Health, Motor, Travel, Life, Home etc., which can be purchased/bought by public at large/policy holders directly from such service providers. or
  2. Personal Information is collected through any other mode/source viz. proposal forms/ renewal notices, non-disclosure agreement, emails, or through call center, or any other modes of communication whether at the time of leads, or in the process of solicitation or procurement, or while servicing the customers or when claims communications are being made by customers, at any time, Madison Group will be collecting, processing and using the Information Provider’s Personal Information or sensitive personal data/information .
2.2 Usage and Storage of Personal Information

The Information Provider is requested to kindly note that, while surfing/accessing Madison Group Digital Assets or the information provided through any of the above given modes, for whatever purpose, when personal information/data and or sensitive personal data/information is provided by the Information Provider it is sufficient authorization and or deemed authorization to Madison Group and its Subsidiaries to call back the Information Provider or store and use the personal information/data and or sensitive personal data/information of the Information Provider for the purpose of solicitation and procurement of business by Madison Group.

Madison Group store all the Personal information and or sensitive personal data/information in our servers/servers of service providers with all safeguards and such preserving of Personal information or sensitive personal data/information shall be for such period as per policy of Madison Group.

2.3 Choice

In some cases, Madison Group may share the Information Provider’s Personal information and or sensitive personal data/information with our employees, subsidiaries, licensed agents, telemarketers, legal advisers, consultants, Service Providers, auditors etc. In such cases the Information Provider is deemed to have permitted Madison Group to so disclose and use the same for their respective requirements and or for the purpose of their acting on our behalf and or for their offering their Services/products on our behalf.

If sensitive personal data/information is collected by us on Madison Group Digital Assets or by any other modes mentioned hereinabove by authorized person/s on behalf of Madison Group in cases where it is required and considered necessary for offering the respective products/services of Madison Group and its subsidiaries and subject to what is stated elsewhere in this privacy policy, Madison Group will use sensitive personal data/information only for offering the Madison Group’s products/services.

Further, any Personal information or sensitive personal data/information may be disclosed, without consent of Information Provider, to government authorities, courts, statutory authorities, financial institutions/credit bureaus/agencies/ participation in any telecommunication or electronic clearing network as may be required by law, customary practice, credit reporting, statistical analysis and credit scoring, verification or risk management and or as per provisions of laws, or to any third parties as per directions received under laws, as the case may be.

2.4 Access

Madison Group respects the Information Provider’s privacy rights, particularly the Information Provider’s right to access his/her information. If the Information Provider asks us, and to the extent provided by the law, Madison Group will share with the Information Provider the personal information Madison Group collect/collected and retained about the Information Provider through Madison Group Digital Assets.

Madison Group will keep the Information Provider’s data accurate, but for any mistakes Madison Group shall not be liable or responsible provided always Madison Group shall not be responsible for the authenticity of the personal information or sensitive personal data or information provided by the Information Provider to Madison Group or to any other person acting on behalf of Madison Group.

Please provide us with any changes or corrections in data/information of Information Provider by sending your request to our office. As and when request is sent by Information Provider to our officer, to review the personal information or sensitive personal data or information, Madison Group will review/update as per request and inputs of the Information Provider and if personal information or sensitive personal data or information is found to be inaccurate or deficient or has to be updated/revised due to change, then Madison Group will correct or amend as feasible. Madison Group will comply with their obligations of secrecy.

2.5 Data Security

Madison Group will take and implement the reasonable security practices, procedures and standards as per Policy of Madison Group which will be as required and or not less than the applicable laws.

2.6 Changes

We reserve the right to change, modify, add to, or remove portions of this Privacy Policy and accordingly this Privacy Policy is liable to be changed at any time at the sole discretion of Madison Group and the changed/revised Privacy Policy shall be automatically applicable to the Information Provider.

2.7 Terms of Use

The Information Provider shall comply with all the terms and conditions of “Terms of Use” of Madison Group Digital Assets. which is hereby incorporated by reference in its entirety.

2.8 Do Not Disturb

We at Madison Group send you information on our latest products and services. We convey such information by e-mail or the phone and only to those who we think will find these products and services interesting and beneficial. We respect your privacy, and appreciate that some of you may not want to be contacted over the phone for our telemarketing activities or receive e-mailers. In case you do not want us to contact you on your cell phone or landline number or email address, kindly inform us in writing. We will take all efforts not to disturb you on the numbers and email addresses provided by you. Please allow 30 working days for the removal of the specified numbers or email address from our databases. In case you continue to receive phone calls or sms from us please email us at

Head Office

Address : Marketing Department, Madison House, UpperHill Close Road, Nairobi, Kenya 47382-00100, Tel : +254 709922000, Fax : +254 020 2864000, Email : Website :

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