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Covering you on
and off the road.

Motor Insurance

  • Covers damage or theft to the vehicle(s) and accessories of the vehicle within the territorial limits
  • Protection, recovery & removal after accident (towing charges)
  • Authority to repair in line with the authorised repair limit.

Disclaimer: This legal liability must arise as a result of an accident by or in connection with the insured vehicle

This cover also caters to emergency medical expenses: reimbursement of reasonable medical expenses incurred in connection with any bodily injury by accident to passengers and third parties.

Motor Insurance Special Benefits

  • Political violence, terrorism and sabotage
  • Key Replacement
  • Spare tyre
  • Excess Protector
  • Loss of use/Courtesy car
  • No Blame No Excess
  • Road Rescue Service
  • Cost of Alternative Accommodation – radius
  • Personal Effects Cover
  • Personal Accident Insurance Extension
  • Windscreen and Window Glass
  • Vehicle entertainment unit

It’s time! Get the cover you deserve

What determines the rate for any cover under Motor Insurance?

  • How long has the vehicle been in use?
  • What is the make of the vehicle?
  • What is the scope of your preferred cover?
  • Who are your drivers and what is their experience?
  • Do you have any history of loss?
  • How old is the vehicle?
  • What is the total sum you’ve insured ?
  • Are there any extensions to your cover?
  • How many vehicles have you covered with us?

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