WHAT IS Domestic Package

We want our homes to be havens of peace, a place where we can retire to at the end of a long and hard day at work. It is a place where we want to see our children happily at play, and our loved ones in our warm embrace. We also want to feel secure in our homes.

It is also true that our homes also tend to be the places where most accidents occur. Yes, where we should be safest can be where it is riskiest.

Madison Insurance is your partner at home as well. We have combined six policies (Fire, Burglary, All risks WIBA {Workman’s Injury Benefit Act}, Occupier’s Liability, Owners Liability) covering different risks at the price of one premium. This is what we mean by the Domestic Package.

Let us help you make a home and hearth that are indeed safe and secure.

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