WHAT IS Hekima

Hekima policy is a wonderful wealth creation policy which gives you (the policyholder) the dual benefit of protection alongside potentially high returns upon policy maturity


It combines insurance protection in case of death with an opportunity to earn high returns upon maturity.

Bonuses are declared every year computed as a percentage of the sum assured (a minimum bonus rate of 5.00% is guaranteed).

how it works

Accidental Death: On accidental death of the Life Assured the policy pays double (200%) basic sum assured plus the accrued bonuses.

Permanent and total disability: In the event of the Life Assured becoming Totally and Permanently Disabled due to accident or illness, all future premiums are waived and the basic Sum Assured is paid in 36 equal monthly installments.

Waive of Premiums: In the event of Life Assured becoming totally disabled due to accident or illness, future premiums are waived during the continuance of the disability (minimum period 6 months) provided the Life Assured has not attained 60th birth day by the time of disability.

Accident Indemnity: The policy pays Weekly Indemnity benefit depending on the level of sum assured purchased for each week the Life Assured is continuously disabled and prevented from engaging in gainful occupation as a result of an accident.

Surrender value:
Policy acquires surrender value after being in force for a minimum of three (3) years with premiums fully paid.

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