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Gain Plus


This is an annuity contract designed to provide periodic income to the holder or their beneficiary for a specified period of time or for the rest of the annuitant’s life, usually after retirement.



  • This type will provide a holder with immediate payouts after purchase.
  • It is ideal for persons who have reached retirement age or from age 45 upward and have a desire to have a regular guaranteed income for the rest
  • of their lives.
  • This option facilitates for early planning for retirement through accumulation of funds over a period of time in the form of regular contributions or lump-sum or single deposits.
  • A person decides on how much they wish to accumulate slowly to build up a sizeable fund that will generate an attractive regular income on retirement.
  • Professional fund managers will invest the accumulated funds through high yielding investment vehicles.  At the end of the deferred period, the funds are converted into regular payouts in form of annuities for life or up to the end of guaranteed period for the nominated beneficiaries.

Gain plus Options:

Single Annuity Under this option, an annuitant takes a lifetime plan on his/her life.

Joint Life & Last Survivor Annuity Under this option, a husband and wife purchase the annuity jointly. This annuity pays for life until death of the last survivor.


  • Guaranteed income for life
  • Guaranteed period of payment to dependants.


1.Why annuity?
Annuities remove the worry of having to budget for an unknown period of time. Madison insurance is one of the fastest growing annuity providers offering more choices and additional benefits at very subsidized rates.

2. How much is needed?
Your life will change when you retire and you might find that you don't need as much income as you did when you were working. Even little things like not having to buy tea, coffee or lunch at work will make a difference

 3. Can one enjoin your spouse/ my beneficiaries?
You can opt for a joint Gain Plus annuity that will ensure that you have a life time income while your spouse/beneficiary is also guaranteed of an income for a specified period in case of your demise.

How do I get Started

  • Requirements for going on cover.
  • Purchase Price (Immediate Annuity)
  • Payment of initial contribution (Deferred Annuity)
  • Completion of a proposal/application form (Deferred and Immediate)
  • ID copy/passport/birth certificate (Deferred and Immediate)
  • Policy fee of Kshs. 300.00 (Deferred and Immediate)