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Group Mortgage


It is the worry of every lender that a borrower may not repay their mortgage loan wholly because of death or disability.

This policy comes in handy to protect the lender, dependants and guarantors against the risk of death or disability before full settlement of the advanced mortgage loan.


The term ranges from five Years to 25 Years. The cover is therefore able to take care of long-term loans.


  • In the event of death of a member while servicing a mortgage, Madison Insurance pays the outstanding loan at the time of death.
  • In the event of a member becoming permanently and totally disabled while servicing a loan, Madison Insurance shall pay the outstanding loan balance as at the occurrence of such event.
  • Funeral Cash Cover:-This option covers the burial expenses of the borrower. The amount of cover is payable within 2 days of reporting the claim.
  • Life support Cover. This cover gives an option to have a life cover of 30% of the loan subject to a maximum of Kshs 500,000/-
  • Cover can be based on level term or decreasing loan balance.


1. what are the requirements needed for a claim to be paid

  • Notification letter from Client/ Lender.
  • Original Death Certificate for certification and return
  • A copy of National ID or an original surrender certificate from registrar of persons.
  • A Police Abstract if death was accidental, say Road Traffic, murder, suicide etc.
  • A fully completed, signed and stamped Claim Form normally issued by the insurance company
  • Ledger Card to show outstanding loan (where initial loan commencement date is not provided)
  • A Burial Permit  (only) in case of Funeral Cash Claim
  • A medical report from our appointed medical Doctor in case of disability benefit.

How do I get Started

  • List of member/Mortgagor 
  • Dates of birth, 
  • Outstanding loan amounts & outstanding repayment period
  • Original amount of loan and each loan commence-date
  • Repayment period (or term) and Interest rate.