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Group Multi-Benefit


This is enhanced Group Life assurance Cover usually taken by an employer on behalf of the employees or a registered association on behalf of the members.


This is an innovative and flexible product designed to meet unique needs of different groups, companies, N.G.O’S, Church organizations etc.
The policy provides a 24-hour cover to policyholders/members in the unfortunate event of early death, disability or Critical Illness. The policy can be extended to provide spouses Life assurance cover, and funeral for spouses and children.
The minimum population is five members.


  •  Full assurance benefit upon death of a member
  • Automatic Funeral Cash Benefit of Kshs. 50,000.00 (to be paid upfront upon notification of death; The Balance of the Life Cover Benefit shall be paid less the 50,000/- paid earlier.
  • Policy can be extended to cover critical illness, permanent total disability, and a double payment in case of death through an accident   


1.What are the requirements for quotations?

  • List of the Members
  • Dates of Birth
  • Annual salary where cover will be based on a multiple of salaries or amount of level   benefit amount required
  • Number of members (population in a scheme)

2. How long does the claim take to settle?
Claims are settled within five working days on full receipt of the claims documentation

How do I get Started

  • Group Proposal form completed and signed by employer/Association
  • Individual member/spouses application forms together with copies of their Identity cards
  • Family income benefit application forms/nomination form
  • Annual Premiums