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Easy Cashless Healthcare Access;

  • Visit any of our wide panel of Hospitals for complete cashless facility .
  • The hospital will verify your details and send a duly filled pre-authorization form to our care management team.
  • We will duly verify the details of the pre-authorization request with the policy benefits and intimate our decision to the healthcare provider within the shortest time possible.

  • We will send the first response to your healthcare provider.
  • Your treatment costs at our panel hospital will be settled by us and you don’t have to worry about the medical bills.

  • We will send a query to the healthcare provider, for further clarification to provide relevant information that will allow us to initiate claims process faster.
  • Once we receive the additional information, we will send the authorization approval to your healthcare provider within the shortest time possible.
  • Our network hospital will treat you and you won’t have to worry about the medical bills.

  • We will send the notification of denial to the healthcare provider.
  • The provider will carry out the treatment, as fully payable by you.
  • However, you can certainly file a claim for reimbursement at a later date if need be.

Steps to Accessing Healthcare

Fill in the Claim Form at our
Accredited Healthcare facility

The Facility Receives an Approval from Us

Yay! Claim Approved..

Get Treated

Confirm your bill & Sign Off.


Awwh! We have a query.

More detailed Provided & verified

Done! Claim Approved or Denied with outlined Reasons.

For Health Expenses Reimbursement Process:

While we hope you stay full of good health, if the unexpected happens we highly recommend that you utilize our expansive network of accredited facilities across the country. However, for an emergency case where you are unable to access any of our providers, and you have to visit a medical facility outside our panel of hospitals. Don’t worry, we will listen;

Fill out a health reimbursement claim form.

Collect all hospitalization related documents including receipts and submit them, in original, to any of our offices.

We will acknowledge receipt of your claim documents.

We will then carry out a customary verification of the required documents.

  • We will send you a prior communication of such absence of information, so that you have sufficient time to provide further information.
  • Upon receiving the requisite documents and clarification, you can bank on us to initiate the insurance claims settlement process and release the payment within 14 working days (subject to terms and conditions).
  • In case you still fail to provide us with the pending paperwork, we will send you reminders.
  • However, please note that we will be forced to close the claim if you fail to come up with the pending documents.

  • We will initiate a customary verification of the authenticity of the documents and if found permissible within the policy’s purview, we will release the payment within 7 working days.
  • However, if your claim doesn’t fall within the policy’s purview, we will have to deny the claim and send you a letter stating the same and the reasons clearly stated.

"Life is a volatile roller-coaster ride.
But amidst all the ups and downs, you can always
bank on us to be by your side, all the time."

We strive to provide you the best coverage along with a host of other value added services. With our convenient insurance claim reporting process, you can track your claim status.
Alternatively, you can reach out to us through our care management number +254 709 220 555 and we will be glad to help you out.