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A vacation with your best friend is great but a trip with Madison Safarishwari is even better, travel and explore our beautiful country without worry.

Enjoy secure insured trips to anywhere in the country with our affordable and comprehensive domestic travel cover, Madison Safarishwari.

Get covered easily, on the spot and whenever from as little as Ksh. 177 per day.

Okay you could be asking what is a local travel insurance cover and what does it cover? It’s simple!

Local travel Insurance is an insurance cover offered to domestic travelers to take care of specified emergency situations that may occur while on a trip within the country.

Why Safarishwari is a must have on your trip?

Enjoy a blissful vacation as we take care of any unforeseen mishaps, such as flight cancellations, flight delays, loss of luggage, medical expenses and offer you 24/7 tele-emergency assistance.

We shall cover you and your loved ones in case;

  • You need medication dispatched or need medical attention while on your trip.
  • You need emergency medical assistance, ambulance services or evacuation.
  • There is a problem with checked-in luggage; such as damage or loss and luggage delays.
  • 24 hours’ tele-emergency Support.
  • Your trip is cancelled and there are expenses to settle. *Covered reasons are well listed in the policy document.
  • Your trip is curtailed or abruptly cut short. *Covered reasons are well listed in the policy document.
  • You need repatriation of mortal remains.
  • You are robbed or hijacked during the trip.

What you need to get started.

Step 1. Dial *828# or Click the Discover Button on your Mpesa App to Access Madison Group MiniApp.

This will take you to our product page, choose Madison SafariShwari

Step 2. Enter your trip details:

Travel dates, number of travelers, number of days, destination etc… Then click the Buy Now button

Step 3: Upload Documents

Attached the required documents i.e  National ID copy, KRA Pin Certificate

Step 4: Proceed to Pay and securely buy cover.

Pay via Mpesa Paybill 880928 and securely receive your policy document immediately via email.

Step 5: Enjoy a fully insured trip.

Instant confirmation of coverage and secure insured trip.


What is Madison Safarishwari?

Safarishwari is a hybrid of both travel and personal accident cover with benefits designed to fit everyday local traveler. It is the first of its kind in the market it insures a traveler whether on road, air, water or rail transport within Kenya.

Who is eligible for the cover?

Anybody travelling within Kenya for leisure or work, the destination has to be at least 100KM away from the place of permanent residence.

Are there age limits to the cover?

Yes. The cover is extensive covering from a newborn child to adults up to 80 years. No medical examination test is required to join.

What is the minimum and maximum number of days covered per trip?

Minimum coverage period for a single trip is 3 days and maximum coverage period is 92 consecutive days.

How do I get help in case of an incidence?

If an incidence that is covered under the policy schedule occurs, contact us within the shortest time possible through our International Helpline as follows:

Telephone: +44 845 217 1379

WhatsApp: +216 29 67 7276

It’s time! Get the cover you deserve

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