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LikeIt’s been a great year for Madison Insurance Company. We have been recognized by the Think Business Awards and Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) for our unrelenting efforts to give our insurance customers the best services possible. These are the awards we received this year: Madison Insurance Crowned Best in General Insurance Cluster The Insurance Regulatory […]

Plan for your future: Buy life insurance as a young adult

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LikeIn this economy, the majority of young adults are struggling to manage huge monthly expenses, ranging from car loans, student loans, rent, mortgage loans, to ordinary living expenses. This is because the living standards have really gone up, and will likely keep rising in the following years. Given this scenario, shouldn’t you, as a young […]


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Like How much do you know about investments? For many people investments are things they think they will do in the future and have a lot of time to learn about. But as Warren Buffet says “someone is sitting in the shade today because they planted a tree a long time ago.”


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LikeWhen you are thinking about getting a health insurance policy you may be taken aback by all the technical terms. This may sway your decision on taking up the policy as you may not be willing to buy in on what you don’t understand.