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Your child’s higher education goals are just as important to us.

Uniplan is an investment policy that enables parents and guardians to save up to guarantee their children’s university education.

This policy allows you as a parent/guardian to:

  1. Predetermine the cost of university early enough thus allowing you to have a structured saving plan towards a set goal depending on their course of choice.
  2. Fund the policy flexibly – you can contribute whatever amount you are able to (minimum of 5000) during the term/duration of the policy
  3. You can consider it a medium or long term plan as the policy term is 5 to 15 years.
Father and son playing soccer outside
  1. The policy is a life policy that offers cover upon your death but is still an opportunity for you to collect high returns on the initial amount in the policy.
  2. Has a minimum guaranteed return of 5% p.a
  3. In case of your unfortunate demise or disability, while the policy is still valid, we will drop any additional payments on policy premiums and we guarantee to fund the child’s university education.
  4. In case of the unfortunate demise of the child/beneficiary, while the policy is still valid,   the parent/guardian has the option to either: continue with the policy until initial maturity date, nominate another child or receive a full amount of the value of the fund thus far.
  5. If the child fails to join university, the full fund value (once it matures) will be payable to the parent/guardian
  6. If the course is more expensive than what it was insured for, there is provision to revise the policy.

The policy also has a 2% management fee.

Secure your future and theirs too.

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact us. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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