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Madison Money Market Fund Daily Yield: 14.54% Effective Annual Yield: 15.55% Madison Fixed Income Fund Daily Yield: 14.83% Effective Annual Yield: 15.88% Madison Wealth Fund Weekly Average Daily Yield: 14.16% Weekly Average Effective Annual Yield: 15.12%

Are you a business owner? Are you worried about loss of business property as a result of fraud, dishonesty, negligence or theft by your employees? Here is a cover for you!

The Fidelity Guarantee Policy is tailored to cover you, as the employer, against direct financial loss of property or valuable assets as a result of fraud or theft by your employee(s) in the course of their employment.

  • Forgery
  • Embezzlement
  • Larceny
  • Fraudulent conversion
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  • The fraudulent act should have been committed while the policy is in force
  • The policy should be in effect when the fraudulent act occurs
  • The act should be discovered not later than a specified period after the termination of employment

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