Madison Balanced Fund: NAV Price: 44.68 Purchase Price: 44.68 | Madison Equity Fund: NAV Price: 35.53 Purchase Price: 35.53 | Madison Money Market Fund: Daily Yield: 9.19% Effective Annual Yield: 9.63%

Our annuity contract is designed to provide periodic income for life once you retire. Our policy acts as an ‘income replacer’ to remove the worry of not having a budget for an unknown period of time.

We provide different types of annuity.

  1. Single Life Annuity – pays you.
  2. Joint Life Annuity – pays you and reverts to your spouse upon your demise
  3. Immediate Annuity – starts paying you immediately after you purchase the product
  4. Deferred Annuity – starts paying at a later date to allow accumulation of funds. These funds may be paid periodically or as a lump-sum.

The policy has a guarantee period of 5 to 20 years (depending on what you’d prefer). In the unfortunate event of your demise, your named beneficiaries will receive the continued payments.

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