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Madison Money Market Fund Daily Yield: 14.54% Effective Annual Yield: 15.55% Madison Fixed Income Fund Daily Yield: 14.83% Effective Annual Yield: 15.88% Madison Wealth Fund Weekly Average Daily Yield: 14.16% Weekly Average Effective Annual Yield: 15.12%

Covering motorcycles for social, domestic or leisure use.

  • Covers damage or theft of the motorcycle(s) and accessories while in or on the motorcycle within the territorial limits
  • Protection, recovery & removal after accident (towing charges)
  • Authority to repair (upto the authorised repair limit)
Gentleman riding his motorcycle all smiles
  • Personal Accident Insurance Extension

Introducing A Seamless New Way of Reporting your Motor Insurance Claims!

Seatback and relax as we work behind the scenes to get your claim processed seamlessly.

Here is why you need the AKI-CRA App;

  • It’s paperless, on-the-spot claim reporting.
  • Real-time Notification of Claims.
  • Faster Claims processing.
  • Request Emergency Scene of Accident Support (Ambulance, Towing, Police)
  • Report Grievances.
  • Track your Claim.
  • Assist a Stranded Friend.

Download & Register on AKI CRA Claim Reporting Application today!

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact us. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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