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Are you in the transport business? Do you need to cover goods under your custody while in transit? Our Carriers’ Liability policy will cater to all your needs.

The Carriers’ Liability policy provides cover against legal liability for accidental (physical) loss or damage to property in your custody or control this includes transit and during loading or unloading.

The policy covers accidental loss or damage during the period of insurance or within the territory stated in the contract.

Delivery man with parcel in his arm next to his truck

We will not be liable for the following claims:

  • Damage to leased property or property under hire purchase.
  • Damages or destruction of account bills, currency, deeds, evidences of debts, money, notes or securities in your custody.
  • Arising from the dishonesty or fraud of your employees or persons to whom you have entrusted the insured property.
  • Loss of market, whether or not a delivery time or date has been contractually agreed.
  • Willful illegal sale of property under your custody.
  • Willful conversion and/or willful or purposely hiding of property.
  • Damage to property in your custody caused by change in temperature resulting from the total or partial destruction of any refrigeration or cooling apparatus from any cause.

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact us. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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