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What happens at your workplace in the event of an accident or bodily injury/harm to your employees?

The Employers’ Liability policy serves to legally protect the employer in the event that an employee sustains bodily injury by accident or disease (during the period of their employment). This means that the employer is covered against legal liability under common law for damages, negligence or statutory duty and any claimant’s [employee’s] costs and expenses of litigation.

Additionally, we will cover you [the employer] for any legal costs or expenses incurred during this period

The primary provision for this policy is that compensation payable to any claimant [you or your employees] as a result of any accidents or occurrences must not be over the limit initially stated in our contract.  

Furthermore, this policy applies in respect of judgement obtained from a Court of competent jurisdiction with the Republic of Kenya.   

We advise that this policy be arranged alongside a Work Injury Benefits Act. (WIBA) policy

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