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5 Risks of not having a Comprehensive Motor Insurance Cover.



Do you have a vehicle? Awesome! But does it have Comprehensive Motor Insurance? In Kenya, having motor insurance isn’t just recommended, it’s the law. At its core, our insurance cover offers protection for the vehicle, and the passengers should an accident occur. However, not everyone knows the repercussions of not having Comprehensive Motor Insurance.

Here are five things that can happen when your vehicle is not covered by comprehensive insurance.

1. Borrowed… without permission!

You step outside and find… nothing. Your beloved car isn’t where you left it. If someone fancies your ride for themselves, comprehensive insurance can be your knight in shining armour, helping you cover the costs of the lost vehicle.

2. The high-stakes blame game

Imagine this: A bodaboda rider hits your car, breaks your windows and his motorcycle at the same time. It’s not entirely your fault, but here you are. Without insurance, the other party starts seeing dollar signs. They point fingers, you’re on the hook, and bam! You’re entangled in a lawsuit that might leave your pockets turned inside out.

3. Surprise costs!

Your vehicles are not exempt from the challenges posed by political violence and unexpected acts of terror. You might find yourself caught in the midst of such an incident or even manage to escape, only to discover later that your car has been damaged. Dealing with the aftermath can place a heavy financial burden on your shoulders.

Without a Political Violence and Terrorism (PVT) rider, a voluntary add-on to your insurance policy, you’d find yourself facing substantial out-of-pocket expenses. This is because standard comprehensive motor insurance might only cover up to its policy limits, leaving you to shoulder the remaining amount.

4. The unexpected financial pitfall

Life is full of unexpected moments, and situations like accidents, vandalism, theft can be one of those unfortunate surprises. Naturally, you would turn to your insurance for relief.

Let’s say damages after such an incident amount to KES 50,000. Typically, you are responsible for covering the first KES 10,000 as an excess amount, and only then would your insurance step in to cover the remaining KES 40,000.

But there’s a silver lining. With an Excess Protector rider, you have the option to significantly reduce or even completely waive this excess amount. This means when such incidents happen, your pocket feels a much lighter pinch, or none at all, during the claims process.  

5. Guarding against life’s unexpected blows

A personal accident rider is an add-on to our comprehensive motor insurance policy that provides additional coverage for personal injuries sustained by the insured driver. So, why do you really need this? Without a Personal Accident rider, you will have to cover the cost of your medical expenses and other related expenses with your own budget.

Closing Thoughts

Think of Madison comprehensive motor insurance as your trusty co-driver, always there to help navigate the bumps and grinds of car ownership. It’s not just about driving safely; it’s about driving smart. So before you buckle up for your next adventure, ensure your car’s got the protection it deserves.

Drive safe, be insured, and keep the risks out of your drive!

This article was written by the Digital Branch at Madison General Insurance Kenya

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