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Madison Lawyers Professional Indemnity Insurance


Professional indemnity insurance is a type of coverage designed to protect professionals and their firms from bearing the full cost of defense against a negligence claim made by a client, as well as damages awarded in such a civil lawsuit.

Madison Lawyer’s professional indemnity insurance is a tailor-made product for legal professionals that reimburses you for legal liability due to a breach of professional duty for negligent acts, errors, or omissions committed or alleged to have been committed.

What does Madison’s lawyer’s professional Indemnity Cover?

  1. Breach of professional duty – This refers to a lawyer’s failure to meet the legal standard of care expected of them while representing a client. This could include negligent advice, failure to file documents on time, missing deadlines, and failing to properly represent a client in court. 
  2. Defamation – In a case where a lawyer is alleged to have made false or damaging statements about another person or entity in the course of their work, they can be sued for defamation. 
  3. Documents – Madison Lawyer PI insurance covers the costs of replacing damaged, destroyed, lost, or mislaid documents. 
  4. Dishonest or fraudulent act or omission of any past or present partner, director, or employee of the firm committed in their line of duty.
  5. Costs for disciplinary hearings – If a lawyer faces disciplinary proceedings due to professional misconduct, our lawyer’s PI insurance covers the legal fees associated with defending them in the hearing.

Why choose Madison’s Lawyers Professional Indemnity?

  1. This is a tailor-made product made with a lawyer in mind. It covers liability claims, ensuring they can execute their professional duties with minimal disruption. 
  2. It has a wide range of limits of indemnity, that can be tailored to meet your or your firm’s needs at affordable premiums.

Bonus tips for minimizing professional indemnity risks.

Apart from having an insurance policy, a lawyer can minimize professional risks and unexpected expenses by doing the following:

  1. Have good communication skills – As a lawyer, you should maintain an open line of communication to know your customers’ concerns and ensure that, in case of any dissatisfaction, it’s resolved immediately.
  2. Stick to your scope of services – As a lawyer or in a partnership, ensure that you stick to your scope of work. 
  3. Develop a resolution procedure for customer complaints – As a lawyer or in a partnership, you should have a process in place to resolve customer concerns. Come up with a procedure that creates guidance on tracking and responding to client concerns, including documenting the response. This will come in handy if the client files a lawsuit. 

How to buy Madison Lawyers Professional Indemnity Insurance.

You can purchase the Madison Lawyer PI cover online here.  

In case of any questions or comments, check out our frequently asked questions or reach out to us via call/WhatsApp at 0793058608 or 0110941061 or email. Join the lawyers covered by us today and enjoy the benefits of Madison Lawyers PI coverage in Kenya.


Protect your reputation and finances with a lawyer’s Professional Indemnity policy. This policy guarantees you can practice what you love without worry, whether you are a seasoned lawyer or an associate lawyer! Get a quote today!

This article was written by the Digital Branch at Madison General Insurance Kenya.

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