WHAT IS Motor Commercial

This type of vehicle is used for private use and the carriage of goods for the insured’s business only.
This category is for commercial vehicles used for the insured’s own business such as tractors, lorries, trucks, pickups, trailers and motor trade.
The minimum cover that is required by the Kenyan government is the Third Party cover. This policy covers third parties who may suffer from injuries or death as a result of your vehicle.

Other covers include the Comprehensive Cover and the Third Party Fire and Theft Cover.

The Comprehensive Cover is highly recommended because it insures the policyholder against all risks. These risks include:

Vehicle damages as a result of an accident
Theft of the vehicle
Damage to vehicle due to accidental fire
Damage of property belonging to third parties
Bodily harm to third parties
Damage to car accessories that had been declared when the policy was bought
Consequential Legal fees incurred with permission from the insurer.

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