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Are you a contractor? Do you hire or own machinery?

Our Contractors Plants and Machinery policy insures machinery, equipment and site vehicles not licensed for use on public roads that you may own or hire.

This machinery include: cranes (of all types), pile drivers, bulldozers, forklifts, drilling rigs, graders, vibrators, concrete mixers, rollers and yellow machinery.

This policy covers:

  • Sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage (not specifically excluded) that will require repair or replacement of the machinery.
  • Use or damage while at work or rest; or while being dismantled.
  • Use or damage after subsequent re-erection – as commissioned.
  • Use in the specified geographical area under the contract.
  • In the event of theft, rock-fall, land-slip, roll-over, operator control mishap, an act of God or nature, or a fire.
Engineer in a factory plant operating machinery

This policy does not cover:

  • Machinery breakdown and electrical derangement.
  • Third-party legal liability.

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