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Choose from Our 2 Customizable Plans: 

  • Madison Safarisure International Travel Cover
    This is the perfect plan for those traveling internationally, as it offers wide-ranging coverage for unexpected situations like medical emergencies, trip cancellations, interruptions, and even issues with your baggage.
  • Madison Safarishwari
    This is a hybrid of both travel and personal accident insurance with benefits designed to fit everyday local travelers. It is the first of its kind in the market and insures you whether on road, air, water or rail transport within Kenya. The destination has to be at least 100 Km away from your place of residence.

Why is Madison Travel Insurance a Must for Your Adventures?

When you choose Madison Safarisure International Travel Cover or Safarishwari, you enjoy:

  • Round-the-clock emergency help
  • Cover for emergency medical needs
  • Adjustable policy options for your unique travel needs
  • Payback for trip cancellation fees
  • Reimbursement for expenses due to delayed checked-in luggage

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What are the travel insurance covers?

Our travel Insurance cover caters for both Local domestic travel- Safarishwari and international travel- Safarisure

Who is eligible for the cover?

Safarishawari is for anybody traveling within Kenya for leisure or work, the destination has to be at least 100 km away from the place of permanent residence. Safarisure is for anybody traveling internationally.

Are there age limits to the cover?

Yes. The cover is extensive covering from a newborn child to adults up to 80 years. No medical examination test is required to join.

What is the minimum and maximum number of days covered per trip?

The minimum coverage period for a single trip is 3 days and the maximum coverage period is 92 consecutive days.

How do I get help in case of an incidence?

If an incidence that is covered under the policy schedule occurs, contact us within the shortest time possible through our International Helpline as follows:

Telephone: +44 845 217 1379

WhatsApp: +216 29 67 7276

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