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Have you recently been to a company website or WhatsApp business page and been amazed at how quickly they engage and sort your issue in a snap?

I suppose if you have, it must have been so fulfilling. You probably didn’t notice it, but most likely you were engaging a virtual assistant, often referred to as a Chatbot.

Chatbot is a conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) based computer program that mimics human conversations and understands human capabilities.

Many Chatbots have emerged in the make today, working as personalized digital assistants for brands. They interact with customers on digital platforms solving mundane requests. The likes of Zuri, Kiki etc.

Chatbots like Zuri and  Kiki have powerful abilities that enable them to understand the context and intent of complex human conversations and tries to provide relevant answers.

What’s even more fascinating is that advanced bots can even apply predictive intelligence and sentiment analysis.

This means they will actually capture the tone of voice, message or facial expression on video, and understand your mood while monitoring your emotions closely using machine learning capability.

That’s how an intelligent bot is able to learn from your behavior and adopt a more personal and intimate approach.

Imagine a company has double-charged your credit account for a service. The company’s direct line keeps you on hold for over and over, suddenly you notice they have a live chat on their website. You decide to engage the bot and immediately its able to understand the error and says, “Sorry, we notice you have been overcharged, we are fixing it now!”. Totally redefining customer service experience as we know it.

Bots have indeed become a craze, they are revolutionizing how businesses interact with their customers and pretty vital in the insurance business customer engagement strategy.

Driven by the new world of social distancing and work-at-home routines, customers are crying out for a better connection with their brands. It’s now clearer than ever before, that customers now expect brands to innovate and communicate to them in a seamless, real-time and customized manner.

The new tool enabling many sectors today is the chatbot, change is at the gate for insurance business too. To build openness and a true connection rooted in easy, fun & authentic customer interactions.

As chatbots continue to roll out, they are helping speed up customer support, automate redundant tasks and drive sales with increasing efficiency.

Chatbots are going to be indispensable tools in the insurance industry in every aspect; be it social and web engagement, sales and marketing, customer support, fraud management or process automation.

As Madison Group we are taking the lead, we believe that only companies who are customer-obsessed and those that adapt to consumers’ changing behaviors in real time will succeed.

We recognize the tech-savvy nature of our young customers and their need for an efficient service experience, enabled through digitization and embedding technology at each touch point.

And what a better way to begin the digitization journey than by deploying a virtual assistant in our digital ecosystem? Starting with our very own chat-bot, Madison Group is about to launch a bold and exceptional experience in creating meaningful customer engagements.

Remember Zuri, Kiki…? Now here is our moment! Keep it here for what’s coming.

The end.  


This article is written by the Digital Branch Manager at Madison General Insurance Kenya.

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