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How many jobs have you switched in the last few years? One, two, three…. Hold up, have you thought about your pension fund that’s laying with your former employer(s)? If not, you might want to hear this.

Here are 5 reasons why you should act now?

#1 Reclaim control of your fund while you can.

Leaving your financial future in the hands of an employer that you are no longer in touch with does not make sense at all. Even worse, if the fund is scattered bit by bit across different employer schemes. Do justice to yourself and your beneficiaries by consolidating your pension fund closer home where you have better control.

#2 Grow your fund above market rates.

You can transfer your pension benefits to a new scheme at any time up to a year before when you are expected to start drawing retirement benefits, but why wait while you can earn better annual growth that’s above market average. Our pension fund guarantees minimum interest of 5% p.a, but has continually delivered beyond that promise to register an average annual growth of 9.5% p.a over the last 7 years, this kind of consistency is rare to find.

#3 Trust your fund with a seasoned team of professionals.

The Madison Life pension administrator has been in business for over three decades, their vast experience and honed expertise has delivered growth year after year for over 50 schemes under their management. Be prudent and grow your personal pension savings with a seasoned team of professionals.

#4 Be a champion & grow with a budding brand.

There is no better satisfaction than saving with a brand trusted by thousands of Kenyans and one that will be by your side through it all. We will help you achieve your dreams with dedicated account assistants to empower you with valuable financial tips.

#5 Grow your fund faster.

Never miss an opportunity to make extra cash, the pension team is always burning the midnight oil to ensure your returns are always above the market rate. So where else would you rather take you money make a call now?

Are you wondering what next? Nice, what you need to do is simple, email Esther on now and express your interest, then leave the legwork to the team.

The end.


This article is written by the Digital Branch Manager at Madison General Insurance Kenya.

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