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Understanding Business Insurance: What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?



Picture this: You’re an expert in your field, consistently providing exceptional service to your clients. However, even the most successful professionals experience occasional setbacks. What if a mistake, even an unintended one, results in a legal dispute? In an instant, your hard-earned reputation and financial stability are at stake.

This is where a professional indemnity cover comes in, safeguarding your business reputation.

What is Professional Indemnity insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a specialized form of liability coverage under Business Insurance Solutions. It is designed to protect professionals from financial losses arising due to claims of professional negligence, errors, or omissions in the services provided. It is a fundamental risk management policy that can help mitigate the potentially devastating impact of legal actions on your business.

Who needs professional indemnity insurance (PII)? 

Professional Indemnity insurance is essential for a wide range of professionals across various industries. Here are some examples of individuals and businesses that typically need professional indemnity insurance:

  1. Consultants, Advisors, Legal Professionals: PII protects them against claims of professional negligence, errors, omissions in their recommendations.
  2. Accountants and Financial Advisors: PII covers them against claims related to financial losses or errors in their services.
  3. Architects and Engineers: PII covers against claims arising from design flaws, construction errors, or project management issues.
  4. Medical Practitioners: PII cover safeguards against claims of medical malpractice or negligence.

Why do you need Professional Indemnity Insurance in Kenya?

  1. Legal Protection: A professional indemnity policy provides coverage for legal costs and expenses associated with defending against a professional negligence claim. This includes hiring legal representation, court fees, and settlement costs.
  2. Financial Security: In the event of a successful claim against your business, professional indemnity insurance covers the financial losses incurred by your clients. This can include compensation for damages, loss of income, or any other financial impact resulting from the alleged professional negligence.
  3. Reputation Management: A legal dispute can tarnish your professional reputation. Professional Indemnity Insurance not only provides financial support but also aids in reputation management by demonstrating your commitment to addressing and rectifying potential mistakes.
  4. Client Confidence: Having PI cover in place can instill confidence in your clients, showing them that you take your professional responsibilities seriously. It increases your credibility score especially for clients who may require assurance about the quality and reliability of your services.
  5. Industry Compliance: In some industries, having professional indemnity insurance is a regulatory requirement. Meeting these compliance standards not only protects your business but also ensures that you are operating within the legal framework of your industry.

How to buy Madison Professional Indemnity Insurance cover?

Buy your PII cover here today and work with confidence! Incase of any inquiries or quotes call/WhatsApp us on 0793 058 608 or 0110 941 061 or email.


Before determining whether professional indemnity insurance is necessary, individuals and businesses should carefully assess their professional risks and consult with insurance professionals.

Madison General Insurance offers professional indemnity insurance for all with curated covers for clinical officers, consulting engineers, valuers, surveyors, real estate agents, and lawyers in Kenya. For each profession there are industry specific benefits, exclusions, requirements and compensation is done up to the limits of liability covered.

Find out more about what each profession’s policy covers here. Feel free to reach us on *828# or 0709 922 616 to start your professional journey with confidence! 

This article was written by the Digital Branch at Madison General Insurance Kenya.

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