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LikeThe word Pension fund may sound like a far-fetched word to many people. It may seem like something to think of in the future and not so important right now. Many think of it as money to start farming when one retires and others think of it as the money you use to travel the […]


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LikeYou finally have saved enough to buy your first car. As you walk in to the car bazaar and see your dreams coming true you start to think of all the places you will drive to, taking your friends out on a ride and how all eyes will be on you when you roll up […]


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LikeThe hustle and bustle of sending your kids back to school can be stressful. It is not only hectic to your little ones but also it can take its toll on you. Many parents worry about how their child will get to school, how they will like their new teachers and new classmates but most […]


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Like “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn the more places you will go.” – Dr. Seuss. The need for access to education, be it primary, secondary or at the tertiary level may at times make you fringe as you look at your child’s future. Education is […]


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LikeThe Christmas season is packed with many activities, mostly travel. Visiting relatives up country, taking a relaxing vacation, whatever the case may be travel is full of pitfalls. One wrong step and your vacation could be ruined. Guarantee a smooth trip by planning thoroughly. Here are a few tips to follow to ensure your travel […]


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Like The path to good health isn’t the same for everyone and yours may change over time. To travel down your personal path, take small steps that are right for you, one at a time. Every step adds up, so you’ll reach your health goals before you know it. Healthy living is not only possible […]


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Like Retirement is expensive. Experts estimate that you will need at least 70 percent of your pre-retirement income or more to maintain your standard of living. Fewer than half of youth have calculated how much they will need to save up for retirement. Most of us know it is smart to save up, especially for […]

Bima Yangu

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Like  The easiest way you can guarantee yourself a happy life is to take an insurance cover. Some people say insurance can be hectic. Yes, Insurance can be cumbersome if you do not understand the policy details. Different insurance companies provide different insurance packages with different names but most of them revolve around the same […]


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Like A few weeks ago I read a story about a young girl who was battling cancer. Cancer is known to be a dangerous disease since most of its victims barely survive. The girl had gone to local hospitals to seek medical attention but she was told that her case was out of hand and […]