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Twenty-one years later, it is still observed as the international day of awareness, recognizing youth across the globe and empowering the world’s youth to make positive contributions to their communities and nations. In addition, it is a day for raising awareness regarding cultural and legal issues concerning youth and was first observed on 12th August 2000.

On December 17th, 1999; following a recommendation by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, in Lisbon, the United Nations General Assembly formed the International Youth Day. The day is observed on the 12th of August every year.

This year is no different and the year’s theme is; Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health. This could not come at a better time.

Madison Betterlife Ignite’s plan goes hand in hand with the theme. Every young person is busy getting their lives together, trying to save up as much as possible while living a comfortable and fulfilling life.

Madison Betterlife Ignite is a health cover especially tailored for such a person, designed for people between the ages of 21 and 30. The twenties can be a tough time financially and oftentimes young people do not prioritize medical insurance so as not to break the bank. However, with Betterlife Ignite, the youth can now access health coverage at very affordable premiums.

Betterlife Ignite Medical cover gives access to a wide range of healthcare providers country-wide. It offers both inpatient and outpatient benefits. In addition, the outpatient benefit comes loaded with free dental and optical cover. Inpatient cover caters to hospital admission, Covid-19 related admissions, chronic illness, and even extends to organ transplant at no extra cost.

In addition to covering physical wellbeing, Betterlife Ignite medical cover provides coverage for Psychiatry and psychotherapy treatment so that mental wellbeing is not neglected.

In the event of travel out of the country for business or holiday, the cover is extended up to 8 consecutive weeks.

Emergencies and accidents happen and time is of the essence during such moments. Betterlife Ignite health cover will cater for emergency air evacuation and Ambulance services for emergency evacuation by road.

Upon discharge from the hospital, if there is a need for post-hospitalization care, this is catered for at no extra cost. In the unfortunate demise of the insured, Betterlife Health cover offers the last expense benefit.

In a bid to raise awareness regarding issues concerning the youth, Madison aims to create a culture among the youth where they have access to affordable health cover with premium cover benefits, hence the Madison Betterlife Ignite health cover.

Indeed, the realization of the year’s theme and general youth goals and aspirations can only be possible if the youth population is healthy or has their healthcare needs taken care of.

Take the step to get covered. Let Madison Betterlife Ignite heath cover bear the load of health care and give you the freedom to take part in achieving set goals by this year’s theme.

Once again, Happy International Youth Day to you all!

This article is written by the Digital Sales officer at Madison General Insurance Kenya.


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