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Can a little investment in a medical policy, actually save the day?

The greatest wealth is health and not pieces of gold and silver. Acquiring and maintaining wealth has proven to be an uphill task for most of us particularly in these hard economic times. Many people; especially the common Wananchi, are losing rather than gaining any wealth.

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has not only strained us financially but also pushed us to the edge both mentally and emotionally. Dealing with the pain of losing a loved one is not easy to process or accept. No doubt this takes a toll on our mental and emotional wellness and directly affects our physical health.

Times are tough economically and physical wellness is weakening as well. Healthcare seems to be our only refuge, sadly it’s slowly becoming unaffordable to many. Nevertheless, we believe that a little investment in a medical policy could actually save the day.

During the lows and highs of life, a medical insurance policy is like a best friend who will always be there to cushion you when you need help. A medical cover offers financial relief to an insured person at the right moment, when one could otherwise be left exposed.

Imagine putting aside Kes. 9,000 only per year to buy yourself a Madison Betterlife medical cover of up to Kes. 500,000 which will save you from dealing with huge hospital bills on a rainy day.

What a huge return on investment! It’s a no-brainer that investing in the quality medical cover is the best investment anyone could ever make.

Lifestyles have also changed and consequentially are affecting our wellbeing over time. Unfortunately, lifestyle diseases are becoming a familiar term to many of us. These so-called lifestyle diseases can be quite costly to manage and treat. Nonetheless, that little investment in a healthcare cover would mean everything in these unfortunate situations; taking care of your treatment and medication, giving you peace of mind at a time when you need it most.

A medical cover will also extend to homecare service when required. Treatment may not always stop upon hospital discharge and the cost of hiring a home nurse can be quite costly. Nevertheless, a medical cover will bear the burden of these services and offer you ample time to recuperate.

Clearly, a good investment is one whose returns are easily noticeable and easy to calculate. Without a doubt, medical Insurance is one of those few investments worth thinking about.  It comes with great returns and is the ultimate best friend in times of need. Invest in yourself, when you can afford it, you deserve it.

This article was written by Digital Manager, Madison General Insurance Kenya.

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